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GR8 Hope Foundation

Matt and Laurie Schaub founded the community nonprofit GR8 Hope Foundation in 2011. Since then, supporters of the foundation have committed more than $1.3 million to Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. These funds have helped equip the hospital’s playroom and expand the David and Mary Wolff Emergency Center. Through the GR8 Hope Foundation, fundraising, football and the Schaub family came together to execute the perfect play.

First Down: Madison is born, and Laurie and Matt become parents. They quickly gain a new appreciation of the tremendous value that Texas Children’s brings to children everywhere. They decide they are going to start the GR8 Hope Foundation and name Texas Children’s as the beneficiary.

“I think when you have your own child, it magnifies your appreciation for an organization like Texas Children’s,” Laurie said.

Second Down: The start of the GR8 Hope Foundation is met with overwhelming support from the Houston community, with the first gala and golf tournament raising $108,000. These funds were used to enhance the West Campus playroom, which offers a treasured place for kids to take a mental and physical break from their health challenges.

“It really took the entire city to make this dream — our dream to help children — come true,” Matt said.

Third Down: Laurie and Matt give birth to twins Mackenzie and Makayla, who teach them even more about the value of time management when it comes to balancing family, career and the foundation. They also learn the oh-so-important lesson of making space in their lives for date night.

“It is extremely important for parents to maintain and nurture their relationship with each other — to step back and remember why you fell in love in the first place. When you keep that connection, you see it trickle down to your children. Happier parents make happier children,” Laurie said.

Fourth Down: Consistently inspired by Texas Children’s great work, the GR8 Hope Foundation pledges $1 million to fund the expansion of the David and Mary Wolff Emergency Center at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus.

“Parenting, football and philanthropy definitely have a lot of parallels. They all give back what you put into them,” Matt said.

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We asked Laurie and Matt to assign each member of their family a position as if they were operating as “Team Schaub.”

Laurie: Owner, a.k.a. The Boss. You know what they say: If Mama isn’t happy, no one is happy!

Matt: Head Coach. Responsible for making sure what Laurie wants gets done.

Madison: Quarterback. The big sister who huddles all the children and makes executive decisions on which toys and books will be at their disposal for the day.

Makayla: Running Back. Quick, fast and nimble.

Mackenzie: Center. Strong-willed; observes situations and responds.