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A Life in Transition

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Bortz lives with her parents and manages her own schedule. She asks for their opinion but makes her own decisions. She would never choose her next doctor without their input, but she knows the choice is hers.

This is the life of a patient in transition. Hannah, like other teens with Type 1 diabetes, lives a life in between — between pediatric care and adult care, between doctors who have known her since she was a child and doctors who don’t know her at all.

Unfortunately, this “in between” stage is where many patients fall through the cracks, and their health begins to suffer. Texas Children’s Hospital is committed to changing this and has taken the first step with the creation of a new Type 1 Diabetes Transition Medicine program.

We asked Hannah to keep a one-week journal. It outlines what life is like for her today as she manages her illness. A year from now, some of Hannah’s journal will read the same, and some of it will likely read very differently. As she graduates from high school and starts a new phase of her life in college and away from home, she will be faced with more independence, new doctors and even more responsibility for her health.

Texas Children’s is there to make sure Hannah’s transition is a smooth one.