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Avaya's Story

Most days, Avaya Holloway-Hernandez is all smiles. With a cancer diagnosis at age 3, she is wise beyond her years. She’s 7 years old now and truly realizes how blessed she is to be enjoying such an active and healthy life.

Her maturity was apparent early on. During the four rounds of chemotherapy she received, she would happily pack her suitcase whenever she needed to stay overnight at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“Because Texas Children’s created such a warm environment for her, she never fought it,” said Kelley Holloway, Avaya’s mother. “She actually wanted to be there.”

Avaya first showed signs of illness in October 2010 when a fever spiked at 103 degrees. Her doctor was unable to lower her temperature, and at the same time he discovered her heart was racing at 160 beats per minute.

Following a rush trip to the emergency room, an X-ray determined the source of Avaya’s accelerated heart rate — a six-inch tumor over her heart, lungs and diaphragm. Doctors were able to remove the tumor during a six-hour-long procedure, but it was malignant.

Chemotherapy followed. Her last treatment was on January 23, 2011, and Avaya was officially moved to the long-term survivor program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center in November of 2013.

Happy and healthy now, Avaya’s journey has been filled with highs — like positive check-ups — and lows like the loss of friends she made since becoming a patient. But through it all, Avaya keeps her head up, a smile on her face and a special place in her heart for Texas Children’s.


Avaya Holloway-Hernandez

Age: 7

Diagnosis: Cancer

For 60 years, Texas Children’s has been providing the best possible care for patients like Avaya. Her remarkable story of strength and courage inspired Texas Children’s to feature her as our first cover story for Aspire magazine.